Thursday, February 12, 2009

A player: This weekend

Ah, the life of a banker, raging on Goose and Red Bull for 72 hours with an occasional round of golf. A bond trader and good buddy is coming in this weekend (bottle service is a must) and has proposed such contest via excel of course:

1 First Makeout

2 total makouts

3 hottest makeout

4 First number close

5 Best lie (believed)

6 Best lie (not believed)

7 Most rediculous lie

8 Worst lie

9 Total numbers gotten

10 Hookup in Pool

11 hookup in car

12 hookup in most random area

13 wedding proposal

14 best fake accent

15 most random makeout spot

16 most rediculous makout spot

17 first to get thrown out of bar

18 best wingman act

19 fattest girl

20 funniest place to wakeup

21 cab ride hookup

22 hottest girl(as judged at time)

23 ugliest girl(as judged at time)

24 first to boot

25 boot and rebound story

26 best picture

27 dumbest thing you convinced a girl was true

28 best insult

29 best pickup line

30 worst pickup line

31 sketchiest action

32 womans clothing aquired

33 sloppiest hookup

34 best made up job

35 best shutdown

36 best picture

37 being called an asshole

38 being called a dick

39 being called a combination of explicts

40 slow dancing(with music)

41 slow dancing(without music)

42 getting slapped

43 slapping titties

44 drunk driving

This list is subject to additions and the points will be evaluated effectively at the end of said sic nasteeee weekend....

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