Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nothing: Class war!

Gone are the golden days and in are the days of protectionism, populism, and pragmatism. Isms in my opinion are not good. I'm looking around for the heroes of my boyhood, the Gekkos, the Batemans, the McCoys.

Unfortunately, I'm surrounded by some Congresswoman who can only accusatorily and verbosely call bankers “captains of the universe.” Thank you Ken Lewis for proving that the shareholders haven't cut off your balls quite yet by responding with a little sass. These CEO’s are mired by some Masshole with epilepsy who wants to bring the creator of all the world's CDS into a hearing. I'm impressed you learned the acronym, though it is the politicians' forte after all.

But are you serious? What do you want Congress, some masked man? “It was I, you fools, Sherman Gatsby, who single handedly created all CDS's ever!”

I may have some disagreements with some bank CEO’s still having jobs, yet, I think they could have had a more productive day instead of the DC bullshit. Even the car company’s CEOs (which shouldn’t exist today) shouldn’t have to endure questions by Dodd on how come the companies never came up with more mass transportation plans. Give me a break.

Here’s a good follow up on Wednesday’s schenanigans:

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