Thursday, March 5, 2009

Player: Walk out

Another thing I enjoy about this melt down is the transfer of talent. You have to be a complete moron in the finance industry and not be thinking about the next step. Talking to bankers and traders, many have other offers set up. Look at this exec and now top performer compensation. Fuck you Fwank and Dodd!
For example, I heard that a group of traders got the same bonus for last year as the trainees of the firm. Are you serious? Everyone will bail or stage a coup. Capitalists don't put up with some socialists' bullshit. These guys have been there 25 years, and are workers. For example, they had a goddam fire in the building the other day on another floor and they kept at it until the smoke came in. Give me a break, they are worth the money and someone will pay if your broke ass firm won't. At least they will make up some sweet offers that they may be getting. Or if they leave, they will sue the company for all the 36 weeks of vaca that they never took...

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