Thursday, March 5, 2009

Nothing: "A Dollar Can't Buy You Anything These Days"

While it's surely brutal to watch yourself lose millions in a day, in the words of Mel Brooks, "It could be worse...could be raining!" The weekend is supposed to be great spring weather, and while my net worth may be in half, it's still filthy rich by all standards. No need to get hyped up. Even Buffet calls the economy a quote unquote "clusterfuck" and the Firm said the recession will deepen (shall I send you a check for the fee on that one, fellas? It's in the mail...)

In all this you gotta look at it and laugh. Perfect example.

Now available on the McDonald's dollar menu: Citigroup!

This was the world's biggest bank! Why its still on the Dow eludes me, I spent more for my breakfast (a biscut and sausage $1.50 or so). Badadadada.....I'm lovin it!

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