Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Player: Daisy's "Beautiful Fool"

I declare after today's 300+ upswing that the bear market is officially over.......

Hahaha, what a crowd. 'Take my wife please.' Hey seriously folks, so I had a conversation recently with some brunette broad who strikes me as one who has a massively low self esteem (a friend's ex so despite the big boobs and low esteem, not desirable since its chartered territory. Amusingly, she currently works at her ex's firm.) It really came through to me when we were discussing a book that serves both as my Bible and autobiography, The Great Gatsby. In case you couldn't get my stong love for the novel by the pseudonym, Jay Gatsby is a big hero to me. Any book that starts, "'Whenever you feel like criticizing any one,” he told me, “just remember that all the people in this world haven’t had the advantages that you’ve had.'" (Good point there, Nick) Anyway, it's more relatable to me then The Grapes of Wrath (Why do farmers' sons want to be farmers too? The superior subsidized job is clearly in finance.)

So this brunette chick asked me why guys prefered Daisy Bucchanan in the novel/life. It's so true. I want to put on my tux and go out with Daisy to parties. I wanted to say something like, "Guys want some dumb hottie to run around with and only will settle down when the sure thing is good enough versus rolling the dice at a bar." I realized this poor girl was so confused and unconfident, she was trying to analyze the male mind. My response was concise, since I was trying to be delicate about this, "She's...uh...blond." I mean, guys will say they want equal intellegence to theirs in a relationship but that's bull. Guys want a girl slightly to waaaaay dumber, so the guy can make the call about where to eat and when to fuck. Guys want a companion, not a warden. I love it when a girl is literally in awe of my views and capabilities. If you haven't tried dating someone dumber then you, try it. It's so choice. Who wants a chick to nag when you could get one of Daisy's "beautiful fools."

There are dangers to singling in on a Daisy. I have always emulated the playa profiteers in fiction and nonfiction; you got your Howard Hughes, Jay-Z, Ol' Heff, etc. in real life and the Rhett Butlers, Jay Gatsbys, Fransisco D'Acconda, etc in fiction. Here are the guys who made bank doing cool things like blockade or booze running and are pretty consistently saying swag one liners all the time. The reader should also note that the REDRUM to their pimping and happiness is always the one woman. I admit I myself am prone to screwing this up as well. Occasionally, I'll think consistent earnings in terms of pussy are good for ROE and get over involved with a girl. Ultimatly, I either I lose my patience or my mind, leading to the inevitable girl going/revealing crazy.

The break ups put me in my prime to get some though. As someone who knows only how to go big and without a bodyguard instructing me to not get another round of drinks, I'll push it. I'll also be more prone to hit on whoever the fuck I want and treat them like trash. It's like the guy in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. He doesn't give a shit about these chicks and says straight up how he just finds them attractive and wants to hit that. Suprising amounts of girls dig that complete disregard of risk aversion. I love being single. I'm out.

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  1. i enjoy reading your blog man. it's cruel honesty ahahha.